Drainage Pumps
Drainage Pumps are frequently used as a flood defence in household settings. They are great for households with limited space since it is small and simple to install. They may simply tuck into any crevice where water is accumulating. They mechanically whisk away water and permanently eliminate the fear of flooding.
Electrical Submersible Non Clog Sludge Pump
Non-Clog Sludge Pump with a 100% recessed impeller or a specially made open rotor are referred to be non-clog pumps. With this design, solid items up to the breadth of the pump's discharge can pass through. Sludge is to be moved via sewage lines or other systems using a sludge pump.
Pump Spare Parts
Pump Spare Parts include the backing plate as a component of the casing, in which case the cover would be detachable. The shaft seals are a crucial component of the pump, and choosing the proper seal is a crucial process. These parts help in the proper functioning of the pump for a longer duration.
Motor Pump Rewinding Service

Motor Pump Rewinding Service is used to repair your equipment so that it performs as well as new. Electric motor and pump repair specialists can start working quickly, effectively, and efficiently. Our professionals have an unmatched depth of knowledge in testing, diagnosis, maintenance, and repairs. This is safe to use.

Pump Rental Services
Pump Rental Services are utilized for various water pumping applications and are renowned for being completed within the time span provided. The given services are in high demand since it is economical. These services can be altered and have prompt execution too. They are done in accordance with user-defined parameters.
Dewatering Contract Services
Dewatering Contract Services are known for their outstanding performance, reliability, and efficiency to use, along with their successful technical staff. In order to assure the flawless operation of this equipment, we have hired a group of qualified technicians and service personnel. The latest technical features are present in this equipment.
Modi Pump Spare Parts
Modi Pump Spare Parts are very in demand since they have a wide range of applications in industries including agriculture, irrigation, horticulture, construction, water treatment, and food processing. These spare parts are checked under various parameters to ensure their high quality and long-lasting durability. They are very economical to use.

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